So you left your job to write a book? You could have been vested in another 17 years!

Seemingly risky you might say, but from the point of view of dharma and deeper happiness, it was essential. I enjoyed my work at the SE Texas Poison Control Center, and the people I worked with. And then there still was a quiet, sometimes unsettled voice that wanted me to look back at a particular time, or maybe even a particular event that so wanted my attention. But that was it! I withheld the most important, and perhaps, most powerful thing that we possess … attention.

The working title of my book, as you likely guessed, is “The Prescription for Happiness”. It is an exploration of the “perennial philosophy”, law of attraction, meditative practices, sprinkled with some important teaching points and shamanesque happenings from my life that have relevancy to just about everyone.

More about my story, and the book as the days unfold. Thanks for stopping by!


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